Pro Keg Kamado European Ledge Island Grill

About this item:

  • 320 sq. inches cooking area
  • Rust-proof full cast aluminum grill construction
  • 2-in-1 design to set either tabletop or portable grill 
  • Pre-assembled design with minimum installation required
  • 63L fridge
  • Overall dimension: 1762mm x 562.1mm x 1259.8mm
  • Package dimension: 1325mm x 726mm x 1316mm

Prokan believe you should not step out of your comfort zone when stepping on a patio.

Not only gorgeous and with every little detail though, but also sturdy and durable, outdoor cooking tables are designed to provide you with absolute satisfaction while grilling food outside.

Smoking and grilling should be enjoyable not only to the gourmands, but also to the master chef of the whole process. Create your ideal environment and let yourself focus on the recipe, improvise and explore the culinary expanses having everything you may need right there at your hand.

Prokan Kamado European Ledge Island Grill is a multi-purpose cooktop. Among them, the original core accessories (grill and fridge) can be used to set up a complete cooktop function with built-in modules, and can also be used with cart & portable modules for different use fields. Totally the perfect companion for places like backyard banquets, outdoor camping or kitchen cooking.

  • Full cast aluminum grill construction
  • Rust-proof seamless full cast aluminum grillbox
  • 320 sq. inch main cooking area
  • Multi-layer cooking rack construction offers versatile cooking experience
  • Enamel Wire Charcoal Tray with handles 
  • Air venting offers direct and indirect cooking
  • Ceramic heat reflector board
  • Four-sided European Ledge Faux stacked rock stone panels with slab countertop
  • Durable 304 stainless-steel construction
  • 63L fridge
  • Access Door x 1 pcs
  • No Tool Assembly Construction