60″ Pro Elite 5B Golden White Q Island Grill

About this item:

  • Grill with 670 sq. inches total cooking area
  • Powerful 52,000 BTU
  • Seamless full cast aluminum firebox not only offers best rust-proof construction but also provides the greatest heat retention cooking experience 
  • Pre-assembled design with minimum installation required.
  • Stain and weather resistant sinterd stone countertop.

Get cooking with the 60 Inches Pro Elite 5B Golden White Q Island Grill. This is fully loaded, 52,000 BTU outdoor kitchen and grill makes it easy to prepare delicious grilled meals and host first-rate cookouts for your friends and family. The modern grill island is equipped with four powerful 304 Stainless Steel burners and a dedicated infrared rear burner – giving you plenty of cooking area. The slab stone countertop offers flexible and easy-to-use space for steaks, burgers, fresh veggies, and more.

Prokan 60″ Pro Elite 4 Burner Island Grill
Instruction to light Rear Burner
  • Premium SS304 grade lid with cast aluminum end cap
  • RUST-PROOF seamless full cast aluminum firebox
  • LP: 52,000 BTUs (primary burners and infrared rear burner)
  • Solid SS304 Cooking Grids: 484 sq. inches
  • Total cooking area: 670 sq. inches
  • Rotisserie burner: 12,000 BTU
  • SS304 Rotisserie kit included
  • Front Pull-out grease tray
  • Four-sided European Ledge Faux stacked rock stone panels with slab countertop
  • Durable 304 stainless-steel construction
  • Drawer x 2 pcs
  • Casters for mobility
  • Grill cover included
  • Package Dimension: 780 x 1668 x 1290 mm
  • Product Dimension: 686 x 1539 x 1219 mm
  • Natural gas conversion kit sold separately

People Are Asking

Can this unit be converted to Natural Gas?

We do sell the natural gas conversion kit separately, please contact us for more detail.

How much assembly is required?

The product will arrive fully assembled, so no hassle assembly. Your outdoor kitchen would be ready for grilling for instant party.

My rear burner doesn’t light properly, Why?

There is a safety device on the rear burner to cut off the gas source when the flam goes off. That being said that the fire would be cut off if safety device doesn’t sense the heat before you release the knob. Please mate sure to continue to hold/ press the know IN for at least 5~10 secs once the burners is lit before releasing, and please refer to the manual for more detail.

Does this grill have wheels to assist in moving around?

Yes, there are casters built-in with this outdoor kitchen for ease mobility.

How durable is this outdoor kitchen?

The stainless being used on this outdoor kitchen grill is premium #304 stainless. Premium #304 stainless with the rust-proof cast aluminum firebox guarantees for long lasting durability.

Do the wheels come off and is it okto set the unit on the ground for all seasons? Or if there is an adjustable leveler if my patio has a pitch on it?

We don’t recommend setting the outdoor kitchen unit directly on the ground. Please contact the supplier for alternative adjustable levelers (supplier part # S0202-15) if needed.

Who can I contact for question about this item?

Please email us at contact@zhprokan.com for any assistance or technical support.

Is there any natural gas conversion kit for purchase?

Yes, we have the natural gas conversion kit specifically for this item with manufacturer part #KPSS002. Please contact us for more detail.

Why is my grill not getting hot enough?

.The most common reasons are (1) the propane tank is low; (2) thermometer is not reading accurately; (3) or some common reason such as clogged burners and regulator. Please refer to the blog article (Why is My Grill Not Getting Hot Enough?) for more detail.

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