Drop-in Side / Sear Burner

The Prokan drop-in side / sear burner is a great addition to your Prokan Outdoor Kitchen. With 12,000 BTU’s of power to cook virtually anything you can cook on your indoor stove top, its powerful burner is great for BBQ sauce, corn on the cob, and many other steamed, boiled, braised, or sautéed dishes. The 304 stainless steel construction is extremely durable and will last for many BBQ seasons.

  • Stainless Steel/ Powder coating steel Construction 
  • Recessed lid design for more preparation area when not in use
  • Front full-out grease tray
  • 12,000 BTUs 
  • Heavy duty cast Iron wok grate for better heat conduction
  • Product Dimension: 17.7″*21.4″*8.6″
Overall Dimension