2 Pack Grill Basket Set and Grill Topper Set for CGI04/GT & Pro Elite

The Prokan 2-pack grill basket set and grill topper set make 2 different types to choose from, Help you to arrange the surface of the barbecue grill, and save more space. Keeping small food from falling through the grate, you could cook any food you want. The vegetable grilling baskets are used to grill small foods, like onions, mushrooms, shrimp and meat, etc. Polished smooth edges are safe to use. Easy to carry, it is a must-have BBQ accessory in your grill tools set. Super great grill accessories BBQ tool.

  • The perforated steel topper is ideal for cooking vegetables or smaller foods on your grill without having them fall through the grates while still allowing for that natural grilling flavor to come through.
  • The raised handles on the topper prevent your hands from coming in contact with the hot surface and make it easy to remove from your grill. (Glove is strongly recommended)
  • Grill basket holes let the grilled flavor through while securely holding food inside.
  • Wide handles give a place to comfortably hold the basket even wearing gloves, smooth finish for safety.
  • Provides great substitute for a typical kabob, keeps foods from fall through the cooking grate without the need for skewers. Excellent for grilling veggies, shrimp, cubed meats, or for any small foods that you want to grill.
  • Premium 304 stainless steel is naturally rust resistant
  • Fit for Prokan CGI04/GT & Pro Elite gas grill
  • Product Dimension (Topper): 435.5mm x 299.7mm x 35mm
  • Product Dimension (Basket): 422.8mm x 361.6mm x 77.6mm