Why is My Grill Not Getting Hot Enough?

It is frustrated to find your gas grills are not getting hot enough for summer cookout. There are several reasons this issue might happen, and most would have to do with malfunction of the thermometer, propane tank, or regulator. Here are some tips to get your grill function properly.

#1: Thermometer Issues:

Misled by thermometer

Some people would presume that their grill can get up to 750°F when they see the dashboard shows the maximum temperature of 750°F.

Please note that the temperature grill is a off-shelf component which shows the high temperature on the dashboard, but it doesn’t mean the grill would have to be that hot for grilling.

How to check if your thermometer is accurate?

There is a simple method to check if your thermometer is accurate.

  • Boiling Water: Please wear heat-resistant glove to avoid burn.

For this method, place your thermometer tip in boiling water. It should read 212°F. If not, this will help you know if your thermometer is off and exactly how much it is off so you can adjust accordingly during your cook.

#2: Lid Open

One of the first reasons why your grill might not be getting that hot is that the lid is still open.

If you want your grill to get hot, you have to close the lid.

#3: Clogged Burners:

The more you use your grill, the more grease and fat you will generate. This is something you need to address if you want your burners to work properly.

Check and clean Burner/Venturi Tubes for insects and insect nests. A clogged tube can lead to a fire beneath the grill.

METHOD 1: Bend a stiff wire or wire coat hanger into a small hook as shown and run the hook through the Burner Tube and inside the Burner several times to remove debris.

METHOD 2: Use a bottle brush with a flexible handle and run the brush through the Burner Tube and inside the Burner several times to remove any debris.

METHOD 3: Use an air hose to force air through each Burner Tube. The forced air should pass debris or obstructions through the Burner and out the Ports.

#4: Regulator

Another possible reason why the grill is not be getting hot could be that there is a problem with the regulator.

To adjust the gas grill regulator and reset the flow-limiting device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the grill lid, turn off the gas at the propane tank, and disconnect the gas line from the tank.
  2. Turn all the control knobs up to high, including your side burner if you have one. (MAKE SURE to disconnect all fuel source before doing this step)
  3. Wait for one full minute, then turn all the control knobs off.
  4. Reconnect the gas line to the propane tank and slowly turn the gas on at the tank.
  5. Light your grill. It should light up and heat properly.

If you’re still experiencing low flame, the next step is to check for a gas leak. Follow the instruction manual for leak checking process.

#5 Propane Tank is Low:

Finally, you should also take a look at the fuel supply. It is possible that the grill might not be getting hot enough because the fuel supply is low.

If nothing improves, please contact us for assistance. Our technical team would love to resolve the problem and get your grill back to normal for you.

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