Why doesn’t my natural gas grill get hot enough?

We, Prokan Grills, know that it can be frustrating if your natural gas grill isn’t getting as hot as it should be. There are several factors why you might not be able to get your natural gas grill up to the temperatures that the grill has been designed to reach. Here are some things to consider.

Major Factors:

1. Please make sure that the control knobs are properly set to the high position when preheating.

2. Check if the “bridge” on the end of the hose (where the natural gas hose fits into the quick disconnect) is broken, damaged, or dented? If you aren’t sure if the bridge is damaged you can send the photos of your connection to contact@zhprokan.com.

3. Please make sure that all the shut-off valves on the supply line are fully open.

4. Please perform a gas leak test on the grill’s gas components. You can find the detailed gas leak test instructions for your model in your owner’s manual.

5. Please make sure if there are any other natural gas-powered appliances using the same supply line.

6. Please make sure that the water column pressure of the gas is supplied to the grill.

7 inches of water column pressure is required for the proper operation of the natural gas grill. If the pressure is not correct the grill will NOT operate properly. Importantly, a professional gas installer is required to obtain a measurement of the gas pressure.

Our natural gas grill is properly designed for easy use of your natural gas grill. If the above tips don’t help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Prokan Grills at contact@zhprokan.com

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