Having an outdoor kitchen is a great way to get more enjoyment out of outdoor living space and can also add value to your house. However, it can be quite heavy to lift the pre-configured outdoor kitchen out of the packaging when it first arrives at your front door. Here are the time and labor-saving tips to get your outdoor kitchen ready for cooking if you don’t have a big family to help you for lifting the 78” Rustic ledge 4B Grill Island (weight around 450lbs) out of the packaging

Step 1: Lift one side and slide a steel bar (which could be another heavy gauge material that can hold the weight) underneath the grill. Please note not to use any sharp material which could potentially harm the faux stone. (Remark: two persons required)

Step 2: Follow the same instruction on the other side.

Step 3: Place 4 scissors jacks on each end of the steel bars.

Step 4: Gently lift it up a few inches at a time at each end until it is above the built-in casters.

Step 5: Slide the pallet out from underneath

Step 6: Gently lower it down a few inches at a time at each end until it is down at the lowest point.

Step 7: Gently lift the outdoor kitchen and remove the steel bars, and now your grill island is ready to roll.

Remark: It would be better if you can use the soft cloth between the steel bar and grill island to avoid the chance to harm the faux stone.

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