How to convert your Prokan Pro Elite Propane grill to Natural Gas?

Not sure where to begin with converting your Prokan Pro Elite propane grill to natural gas? In the guide today I lay out everything you need to know to make the change.

You might have considered changing gas sources from propane to natural gas to help save on ongoing fuel costs, and to move to a more reliable means of fuelling your grill.

Use of Qualified Technicians

The actual conversion of the gas appliance must be done by a licensed gas fitter.

The gas fitter may also need a conversion endorsement, in addition to their regular gas fitter license.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to convert the appliance yourself or allow an unqualified person to do it for you.

Contact the Manufacturer

In all cases, you should consult with the manufacturer regarding the viability and requirements for gas appliance conversions. Not all of our products are fuel convertible, so please check with us before purchasing the conversion kit.

Disconnect all gas source before beginning the conversion process

It is extremely important to disconnect all the gas source before beginning the conversion process for safety purpose.

Begin the Conversion process

Again it is important and required to have the licensed technician to conduct the conversion process, and the video below shows the detail instructions to convert your Prokan Pro Elite Propane Gas grill to natural gas.

Where to buy Prokan natural gas conversion kit?

1. Official Website-

Prokan Natural Gas Conversion Kit For Pro Elite Grill prokangrills (




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