Outdoor grilling is only half the fun when it comes to summer entertaining. More than just a barbeque, an outdoor kitchen makes cooking and eating a meal outside a lovely activity with friends and family.

Having an outdoor kitchen transforms your backyard into an entertaining space that will not only increase your living space but will improve the value of your home.

Our pre-assembled 4B Rustic ledge stack stone island grill from our Pro Elite series will have everything you need for your dream outdoor kitchen.

When it comes to choosing the ultimate grill, we always believe the construction of the firebox would be the most important factor because the right construction would ensure your BBQ grill is built to last for many years to come.

Unlike stainless steel which comes in different grades, cast aluminum is constructed by pouring melted aluminum into molds, which means the cast aluminum is usually solid and more durable than thin steel. WON’T Rust and holds the heat better. 


The cast aluminum firebox is extremely solid in construction which makes them very durable. The uniqueness of our design construction of a single-piece firebox would ensure there is nowhere for grease leaking or crack for years to come.

Resistant to Rust:

Unlike most common steel and stainless, cast-aluminum won’t rust. That means you can use it on a rainy mountaintop or beach house without worry. It also means you don’t have to replace your grill every few years because of the rusty grill chamber.

Heat retention performance:

There are a lot of factors that make a barbeque grill excellent. One of the major factors is the ability to retain heat. Aluminum conducts heat more efficiently than other common grill materials which provide for a more efficient distribution of heat around the firebox resulting in very even cooking. Also, aluminum holds heat better than other common materials such as steel and stainless, so radiant heat from the cast aluminum firebox would ensure minimum temperature loss during grilling.

There would be no more cold and hot spots on the grill.

Radiant heat:

A barbeque’s firebox is where the magic happens. A well-designed firebox plays an important role to turn radiant heat (thanks for the excellent ability to retain heat) from the burners and grills into convective heat creating oven heat inside the firebox. Magic !!


Unlike many of the grills out there that use mixed material, we use premium quality #304 stainless on our grill design. Enjoy the grilling with solid #304 cooking grids with no worry about corrosion. Heavy duty #304 burner system with the flame tamers would last years to come even after high-temperature heat. The premium quality ensures your grill will last for long grilling fun.


Sintered stone countertop:

Marble and granite have been commonly used for outdoor kitchen countertops, but they both have pros and cons when coming to be outdoor kitchen countertops. Sintered stone has been proved to be the best solution for the outdoor kitchen.

Granite Sintered Stone
Clean It is Porous, so it requires sealing over time. Stain-proof
Weather-Proof Granite would discolor slightly over time. Weather-proof, so it can sustain all weather.
Water-proof Require sealing to maintain the water-resistance performance, but the darker liquid such as coke or sauce can still leave stain. Water-proof
Durability It could crack. It is impervious.
Cost Neutral Higher installation cost because it is hard to fabricate.

The most durable you can get so far for countertop: 

Sintered stone is a resilient material that is versatile and durable. This tough substance is very hard and resists scratching, heat, and stains. 

No more worry about popping tiles or stain granite.

It has texture and pattern: 

Sintered stone has built-in depth, feel, and anti-slip properties. The textures are offered at varying levels to impart a warmer feel as a counter. Unlike natural granite with a glossy finish reflecting light and showing every fingerprint and wipe mark, the texture of sintered stone offers a premium quality perception.

Easy maintenance: 

While granite is a porous material, Sintered Stone is the opposite, instead of being a waterproof material without needing to be sealed. Thanks to the resistance to scratching and the waterproof quality, it is way more hygienic than granite that could harbor bacteria if not taken care of properly. Sintered stone doesn’t require sealing over time. 

Cleaning sintered stone surfaces are easy since the material can be exposed to a variety of cleaners and solvents. The non-porous surface keeps potential stain-causing substances at the surface so we DON’T usually need to trek down into the pores of the material to get to an unwanted substance. Cleaning becomes a snap when coming to clean the sintered stone countertop. Sintered stone is stain-resistance. 



No more worry about warp steel griddle like most cheap griddle grills you see in the market. Our griddle plate is made of heavy-duty cast iron with enamel coating like all premium cookware. Our thick-wall cast iron design provides even heat distribution and excellent heat retention for a searing performance unlike anything else in the griddle industry. That makes sense that most premium cookware is made of cast iron because of its heat retention capability and heat evenness performance.

A premium cast-iron griddle can withstand heat of up to 1,500°F, which is much hotter than your gas grill can ever be, so never worry about warp cast-iron after high heat cooking with proper treatment (always remember to avoid sudden temperature fluctuations)

Remark: Cast iron may take longer to warm up, preheat your cast iron on medium-low heat for a few minutes before cooking. Also, seasoning is required to keep your cast iron griddle plate to last.

A few other notable features:

  • Trash bin
  • Easy mobility casters included
  • Grill cover included
  • Rear burner included
  • Rotisserie kit included
  • Natural Gas Conversion kit available (sold separately)

Prokan Grills- your ultimate solution for outdoor grilling

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