Prokan Grills was very pleased to receive so many good reviews from friends who enjoyed grilling with our SS304 Deluxe stacked stone grill island in 2020~2021.

However, we always know that there is room for improvement by hearing feedback from the friends out there. Therefore, we have made some changes moving into 2022 with upgrade features. Here we would like to highlight the 2022 upgrade specs for your better understanding.

There are friends out there who appreciate the high-power BTU cooking experience, but there are some friends who cook differently prefer having the ability to regulate the heat with more temperature settings. Therefore, we made the change on the main burner system to allow variable temperature settings to regulate to your desirable cooking temperature between low, medium, and high heat. By doing so, you could enjoy cooking different type of foods at extensive temperature range with more temperature setting for a desirable cooking experience.

Countertop material:
We have had granite for the countertop of our outdoor kitchen for many years. The beauty of natural granite stone is undoubtful, but it has some downside when it comes to being used for the outdoor kitchen. Below are some details of the new sintered stone countertop we would be using from the 2022 season.

Granite Sintered Stone
Clean It is Porous, so it requires sealing over time. Stain-resistance
Weather-Proof Granite would discolor slightly over time. Weather-proof, so it can sustain all weather.
Water-proof Require sealing to maintain the water-resistance performance, but the darker liquid such as coke or sauce can still leave stain. Water-proof
Durability It could crack. It is impervious.
Cost Neutral Higher installation cost because it is hard to fabricate.


The most durable you can get so far for countertop-
Sintered stone is a resilient material that is versatile and durable. This tough substance is very hard and resists scratching, heat, and stains.

No more worry about popping tiles or stain granite:
The drawback of tile countertop is it could have popping tiles if the sealant process is not properly done. There would be no worry about it with our slab sintered stone construction.

It has texture and pattern-
Sintered stone has built-in depth, feel, and anti-slip properties. The textures are offered at varying levels to impart a warmer feel as a counter. Unlike natural granite with a glossy finish reflecting light and showing every fingerprint and wipe mark, the texture of sintered stone offers a premium quality perception.

Easy maintenance-
While Granite is a porous material, Sintered Stone is the opposite, instead of being a waterproof material without needing to be sealed. Thanks to the resistance to scratching and the waterproof quality, it is way more hygienic than Granite that could harbor bacteria if not taken care of properly. Sintered stone doesn’t require regular sealing.

Cleaning sintered stone surfaces are easy since the material can be exposed to a variety of cleaners and solvents. The non-porous surface keeps potential stain-causing substances at the surface so we DON’T usually need to trek down into the pores of the material to get to an unwanted substance. Cleaning becomes a snap when coming to clean the sintered stone countertop. Sintered stone is stain-resistance.

Improved packaging:
We appreciate all the efforts from everyone who built Prokan Grills from ground to ship all the way to your front door, but we never know what could happen during thousands of miles of transportation. Even though all our packaging was well designed to pass the toughest possible test, some damage still happened during transit. It led us to re-design the packaging to guarantee the grills can arrive at you safely to enjoy the outdoor grilling you deserve.

Prokan Grills always tries to learn from our friend’s voice, so your comments are always welcome and would always help us to keep up the good works to make your outdoor grilling hassle-free and joyful.

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