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Why doesn’t my natural gas grill get hot enough?

We, Prokan Grills, know that it can be frustrating if your natural gas grill isn’t getting as hot as it should be. There are several factors why you might not be able to get your natural gas grill up to the temperatures that the grill has been designed to reach. Here are some things to consider.

How to convert your Prokan Pro Elite Propane grill to Natural Gas?

Not sure where to begin with converting your Prokan Pro Elite propane grill to natural gas? In the guide today I lay out everything you need to know to make the change.

How to remove 78” Rustic ledge 4B Grill Island out of the packaging?

Having an outdoor kitchen is a great way to get more enjoyment out of outdoor living space and can also add value to your house. However, it can be quite heavy to lift the pre-configured outdoor kitchen out of the packaging when it first arrives at your front door. Here are the time and labor-saving tips to get your outdoor kitchen ready for cooking if you don’t have a big family to help you for lifting the 78” Rustic ledge 4B Grill Island (weight around 450lbs) out of the packaging

Sintered Stone Outdoor Kitchen

When it comes to creating your outdoor kitchen, choosing a worktop can be a difficult decision. The worktop is often the largest surface area in the outdoor kitchen for food preparation and contact with heat and scratch impact and stands for key essential on the look and feel of the whole space.

Prokan 4B European Ledge island grill

Outdoor grilling is only half the fun when it comes to summer entertaining. More than just a barbeque, an outdoor kitchen makes cooking and eating a meal outside a lovely activity with friends and family. 

DOs and DON’T DO with your cast iron griddle plate

Cast iron with enamel coating is an essential piece of equipment which have been proven to heat more evenly, retain heat well, and brown nicely. A new cast iron griddle plate is a raw natural metal and, just like our skin, it has pores. When you heat this material, the pores open and absorb the oils and fats from what you’re cooking. The proper maintenance is required to ensure your cast iron griddle can last for many years.

4-Burners Rustic Ledge island grill

Outdoor grilling is only half the fun when it comes to summer entertaining. More than just a barbeque, an outdoor kitchen makes cooking and eating a meal outside a lovely activity with friends and family.

6B Stainless Outdoor Kitchen

Prokan Grills has a long reputation in the outdoor kitchen industry. However, if the premium stacked stone island grill is out of your budget, our 6B stainless outdoor kitchen will be your best choice as it gets everything you need for outdoor grilling.

2022 Prokan SS304 Deluxe stacked stone 4-Burner Grill Island

ProKan Grills was very pleased to receive so many good reviews from friends who enjoyed grilling with our SS304 Deluxe stacked stone grill island in 2020~2021.

How to increase the sense of value for a leisure holiday resort?

The private Villa LAGI, which is limited to one group per day, has a luxurious private space such as a rooftop open-air bath, a magma sauna, and an outdoor dining room. In varius scenes such as family trips, graduation trips, anniversaries such as anniversaries and wedding, corporate training etc., you can enjoy the best time and memories with your precious friends and family while protecting your privacy.


There is SO much to say about this Grill!  I do it all here in my review video and if you watch the entire video, you’re also going to witness the worst Christopher Walken impression you’ve ever heard lol.

Pro Elite 4B Golden White Q Island Grill

Outdoor kitchens have become increasingly popular in recent years, with homeowners looking to add value to their property and expand their entertaining capabilities. The Prokan grill is a perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen, providing both an exceptional cooking appliance and a stylish design that will enhance your outdoor living space.

Why is My Grill Not Getting Hot Enough?

It is frustrated to find your gas grills are not getting hot enough for summer cookout. There are several reasons this issue might happen, and most would have to do with malfunction of the thermometer, propane tank, or regulator. Here are some tips to get your grill function properly.